What is WRLDVW?

Since launching WRLDVW (pronounced worldview) on March 24th, many people have reached out to better understand exactly what the platform is and how they might benefit from it. From the beginning, WRLDVW has been a project that reimagines the nature of value. We believe that there is a rigid hold on 1) the definition of value and 2) who can access said value.

Within societies across the world, there is a pronounced route through which one acquires value. Educational attainment, job status and income, inheritance, and ownership and investments are by and large the primary modes of value acquisition. Unfortunately, access to these modes is heavily constricted by arbitrary components of identity; components that none of us get to haphazardly decide. Despite how much we like to believe otherwise, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, parental wealth status, education, and access to health services play an outsized and unfair role in dictating who can capture value across the world. No matter where you go, there is a clear and unrelenting correlation between these scientifically arbitrary and irrelevant identity markers and ease/quality of life. Why does it have to be this way?

Is it possible to create an entirely new framework where value can be attained by any individual in the world, in a low barrier to entry manner? Can ownership of digital goods that accrue artificial value in a global marketplace lead to material outcomes, especially to those who would otherwise never be able to access such outcomes? Through the combination of marketing and behavioral science, can artificial value become just as real and robust as traditional markers of value whose acquisition requires some unfair advantage and/or access to established infrastructure (e.g. stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and other real-world assets)?

These are the questions we aim to solve.

With WRLDVW, users across the world can buy and sell virtual goods (called “terms”) associated with their name or location. There is a global maximum of three terms per name and three per location. Terms are differentiated by shapes (circle, triangle, and square), and there are separate inventories for people and companies. As an example of name terms, here are the three person terms for the name “Juan”. As an example of location terms, here are the three person terms for Ukraine.

Users are limited to buying and selling names and locations that they register with. A person named “John Smith” cannot purchase any of the “Juan” terms, since “Juan” does not appear in their name. Similarly, a person in India, for example, can only purchase terms of administrative regions that are encompassed in the city they register with. A person in Mumbai could purchase Mumbai terms (the locality), Mumbai Suburban terms (the region level 2), Maharashtra terms (the region level 1), and India terms (the country), but they cannot purchase New Dehli or Karnataka terms.

Starting off with a base price of 5 USD, we utilize dynamic pricing to determine the value of terms. Terms increase in value as more users view the term and/or register with the same name or location associated with the term. As more people register in India, the India terms will become more valuable, for instance. Starting May 15th, users can sell their terms to other users associated with the term for any amount above 10 USD.

I hope I have better explained the background, mission, and functionality of WRLDVW. I acknowledge that articulating the concept has not been the easiest. In fact, I’m still trying to find effective ways to explain WRLDVW to a wider audience (please let me know if you have suggestions).

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email me at brandon@wrldvw.com.

Please join WRLDVW, and help us redefine the world’s perception of value. As stated by the great Rory Sutherland (Chairman of Ogilvy UK):

“Value exists in the human mind and is created psychologically. It’s created in the mind every bit as much as it’s created in the factory.”

Sign up here: https://www.wrldvw.com/signup/step-1

Brandon Ogbolu, founder




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Brandon Ogbolu

Brandon Ogbolu

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