WRLDVW offers a peek at the future

Here’s what we strongly believe the future will look like:

Companies, universities, governments (countries, state, districts, and cities), hospitals, churches, hotels, museums — you name it — will all have their own WRLDVW, i.e. a market of artificial value. Their clientele/customers/residents will have the option to join. They’ll receive at least one digitally unique asset for free. The assets will accrue artificial value on a set schedule and according to the same logic (i.e. random between 1 and 5% of the prior day’s value). The value accrual schedule for each asset in the system will be publicly viewable (ensures transparency on the part of the platform operator). As the assets accrue the artificial value, people will ascribe real-world value to them and may want to trade with one another.

Instead of organizations being the only ones in the organization/customer dynamic to benefit from investment activities (through the stock market), now their customers will as well. And the platform owner (i.e. the organization) will get a cut of the transactions between users.

Artificial value will enhance our world and give more people opportunities for wealth creation. This is the future that’s coming. It will be better for everyone.

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